The Mission of Chic in Motion:


Stay Chic, Stay Free, Stay Fit, Stay You.


My name is Melody.

A dreamer, and a mother of two.

I’m so happy you found Chic in Motion,

We’re going to have a hoot.

I write about Travel and Fitness,

And things that make me move.

It’s about savoring life while making a difference,

And I’m sure you’d approve.

For this is not only about me,

It’s about me and you.

About how you can stay chic, stay free,

Stay fit, and stay you.


Visiting exotic places,

Meeting happy new faces,

These are things that I embrace,

As I dance through life’s different phases.

I’ve lived in four countries,

And have visited more than thirty-two.

I speak English, French, and Chinese,

But what really gets me is a baby’s coo.

Having wanderlust in my veins,

I try to climb every mountain and ford every stream.

Traveling with kids is not without its pains,

But it’s all worth the effort when those little smiles beam.



I’m a dancer and fitness instructor,

And a personal trainer, too.

I make up fun and easy exercises,

That you’d actually want to do.

It’s not about losing weight,

Or doing workout moves.

For we will be feeling great,

While our physical conditions improve.

If you ever feel blue,

Just put on some music and start to move.

Visit Chic in Motion,

Follow my lead and get in the groove.


Welcome Aboard!