5 Simple Ways to Reset Your Wellness Journey

5 Easy Ways to Reset Your Wellness Journey - Chic in Motion

It’s easy to let our daily tasks take over our lives. As we focus on work and various duties, our wellness level may slide. It all starts small, but an accumulation of bad wellness hygiene can really add up in the long run. As a busy mom of two juggling many things at the same time, I have to remind myself to put on the figurative “oxygen mask” of self-care before I can ensure the wellbeing of my family. Here are five very simple ways to reset your wellness journey.


1. Stop Drinking Beverages with Sugar

When you start paying attention to what you’re drinking, you’d be astonished at how much added sugar there is in our drinks. Skip sodas and fruit juices, and stop putting sugar (including honey) in your coffee or tea. Try hydrating yourself only with plain water, plain sparkling water, lemon water, herbal tea, and perhaps some smoothie without added sugar if you need an extra energy boost. In just a few weeks, you’d already be cutting out several pounds/kilos of sugar from your diet. Simple, right?


2. Watch Your Meal Portions

This works for eating at home and dining out. When you’re cooking at home, make sure that you portion-control your plate and keep the extra food for the next meal. Cook just enough for each meal to keep things fresh. Just because there’s still food left doesn’t mean you should finish it. Many of us are brought up with the concept that we should finish our plates, but that’s when we were kids. Keep in mind that you’re not wasting food, you’re saving the extra for another meal. The Same principle applies when you’re dining out: take a quick scan of the plate and decide on the portion you’d like to eat. You can either share a plate with someone (great for the budget, too) or ask for a to-go box early on to put the extra portion out of sight for later.


3. Take Deep Breaths

Another simple thing to do: take slow, deep breaths whenever you can. This is key to better regulate your natural rhythm and to reduce your stress levels. It takes some effort at first to be mindful of your breathing, but once you get into the habit of paying attention to it, you’ll be delighted to see how this simple act makes a tremendous difference. Don’t keep this practice for your yoga or pilates classes, do it constantly.


4. Get Enough Sleep

We easily deprive ourselves of this basic biological function. We’re probably all multi-tasking superstars, but we’re probably all cutting into the precious sleep time to get more things done. I, for one, am definitely guilty of this. By simply making a point to get enough sleep (you know what you need) and on a set schedule daily, you’d be spending your waking hours with more energy and in a better mood. You’d also have less food and caffeine cravings for quick energy bursts. Rest well, and many things will naturally fall into place.


5. Get Moving and Have Fun

We are born to be active. Infants instinctively yearn to move to explore the world. Toddlers bounce and dash around tirelessly. School-aged kids have endless energy to run and jump around. So let’s make sure this continues into adulthood and for life. I teach a senior’s cardio dance class, and I am so inspired by the ladies and gentlemen in their 80s who show up to dance! Go hiking outdoors, run with a friend, hop on a bike, join a gym, or subscribe to a home fitness program… just get moving! Being active is fun, choose something that brings you joy. Make it a social activity and getting moving with friends!


What are some of the things you'd like to start to do today for your wellness?


Stay Active and Move,

Melody xx


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