One Travel Stroller to Rule Them All - Babyzen Yoyo

one travel stroller to rule them all

This is not an advertorial. I am not paid nor given anything to write this post . This is raw and pure, my personal opinion and experience. I believe that this the ultimate travel stroller, and it really made our lives easier. If you’re looking for the best travel stroller, I would personally recommend the Babyzen Yoyo. (Amazon US/Link for Europe)

babyzen yoyo napa with kids

We’ve had three different strollers since we’ve had kids. The very first one was the Phil and Ted Smart. It came with a newborn’s carrycot and the stroller seat could face either the road or the parent. It was nice for the first year, but we ended up selling it because the frame took up quite some space. The second was the Babyzen Yoyo, we bought it when our oldest kid was 8 months old, and to this day it’s still my favorite go-everywhere everyday stroller. The third one was Phil and Ted’s Dot double stroller, we got it when we were expecting our second child. We still use it when we go on trips that require lots of walking, as the older kid does get tired and needs a roomy seat for himself sometimes. But most of the times the double stroller is in the storage room, as the Babyzen Yoyo serves our everyday purposes, and our two kids regularly both fit in the Yoyo.

There are several reasons why I think Yoyo is the best travel stroller:

babyzen yoyo bordeaux


1. It fits in the airplane’s overhead compartment

I did a Paris-Beijing-Taipei-Shanghai-Paris trip with our then 18-month-old by myself while pregnant. Even if we were just transferring, at the airport in Beijing we had to go through customs and security, and in Shanghai we had to check out and then check back in before going to the transfer flight. If I had to check in the stroller or even do a gate-check while dragging my carry-on and the little grasshopper, I would have collapsed from exhaustion. Luckily I had the Yoyo, and I was able to fold it up once we got in the plane, and was able to contain him through the tedious transfer process. With our families spread out over three continents, we definitely need an airplane-friendly stroller like this one.

babyzen yoyo airport


2. It can be unfolded with one hand in one fluid movement

When you have a kid, this is rather useful. When you have more than one kids, speed becomes crucial. One-hand unfolding in one movement? It’s almost like a magic trick. And it’s really that light that you can handle it with one hand. Furthermore, I have no trouble steering it with one hand because it's really light and the wheels are really responsive.


3. It’s one of the lightest and smallest strollers, yet goes everywhere

Babyzen Yoyo is launched by a French company. If you’ve ever tried to take the Parisian metro with a kid in stroller and then climb up 5 flights of stairs to a small Parisian apartment, you’d understand why they developed this stroller. It’s designed out of necessity. The stroller is around 6kg (~13lb.) and folds down to 52x44x18cm (20.5x17x7inches). It’s perfect for urban dwellers, and can fit through the tiniest boutique doors. But we’ve also used it in the snow and on the beach, it stood the test of different terrains.

babyzen yoyo shopping
babyzen yoyo outdoors


4. It’s entirely machine-washable

After a long trip, you’d like to be able to wash everything, right? Especially after you’ve used the stroller as a stand-by high chair in places where high chairs weren’t an option. Well, you can dismount all fabric parts of this stroller and just throw them in the washing machine, including the hood and the under-seat basket. And then it’s perfectly clean and looks brand-new, as if nothing happened. Only you will have the memories of the stroller covered in unspeakable filth.

5. It can be folded to fit inside the passenger's legroom in a taxi

This was extremely helpful when we were traveling in Taiwan in rain season. When you hail a taxi in heavy rain, it helps that you can fold up the stroller, grab the kid, and dash into the taxi in the shortest amount of time in order not to get soaking wet. Of course you can always put the stroller in the trunk, but that takes extra time and how often do we forget things in taxi trunks? In addition, when you go to pocket-size restaurants, the Yoyo serves as a high chair or can be folded and kept by your feet as to not take up too much space in the limited restaurant real estate.

babyzen yoyo taipei 101


6. It can almost serve as a double stroller

See for yourself here. Kids can get really creative. My three year old somehow finds a way to squeeze in with his sister in the stroller, and sometimes puts his arm around her to secure himself, which is the sweetest sight, ever.

yoyo double
babyzen yoyo two kids

7. It can recline all the way for nap time.

We've really counted on this feature with some long trips. The hammock reclines to almost flat so the kids can have a nice nap in the stroller. The hood has a plastic see-through window that is very useful to check on them. The reclining movement is done by pulling a strap in the back, it can be done so smoothly that your already-asleep kid will not feel anything.


8. It's really very Chic

It comes in basic and bold colors like black, red, blue, pink, or in urban neutrals like grey and beige. We got the red and would never have to worry about not finding it in a crowd. Imagine Wally always walked around with a stroller like this. It'll be too easy to find him. And he'd look really chic, too.

Stay Chic and Travel On,

Melody xx