Refreshing Virgin Raspberry Mojito for Everyone

virgin raspberry mojito recipe

I was expecting when I attended a friend’s wedding in the beautiful town of La Rochelle on the west coast of France. There was a full bar service, I thought I'd end up sipping coke and orange juice all evening while everyone else enjoyed the “coupes de champagne”.

My frustration evaporated when a bartender presented this amazing virgin raspberry mojito cocktail. It was refreshing and delicious, and even kids could enjoy it. Furthermore, it’s super easy to make at home, perfect when you have guests over on a warm sunny day.

It would be a crime not to share this recipe.

Virgin Raspberry Mojito


  • Sparkling water (or club soda), ice cold
  • Sugar cane syrup (or agave syrup), to taste
  • Fresh raspberries, slightly crushed
  • Fresh mint leaves, rubbed by hand
  • Lime wedges


Add sugar cane syrup to sparkling water and mix.

Crush the raspberries by hand, add to the sweetened sparkling water.

Slightly rub the mint leaves in your hands to release aroma, add to glass.

Squeeze in some lime juice, and then put the lime wedges in the glass.




Virgin Cucumber Mojito

Substitute raspberries with thinly-sliced cucumbers for a Virgin Cucumber Mojito.

For a grown-up version, use rum instead of sparkling water and top with some club soda.


Stay Sober and Travel On,

Melody xx